Hatriot – Dawn of the New Centurion (Review)

HatriotWith only one album, HATRIOT has already set the stage for old school Thrash Metal. Singer Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza (ex. Exodus, ex. Legacy (Testament), Dublin Death Patrol), his sons Cody Souza on bass, Nick Souza on drums, Kosta Varvatakis guitars, and Justin Cole guitars just released Hatriots second album “Dawn of the New Centurion”. Even though it’s based on the old school Thrash Metal it is still has some modern Thrash Metal influences and at the same time is melodic, loud, aggressive, and brutal.

“Dawn of the New Centurion” deal mostly with political, societal issues. It’s a very angry album. They directly attack politicians and other corrupt people. The opening track starts with Charlton Heston’s famous speech ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’ which is a direct attack to politicians. “Silence” is about sexual abuse by priests and the damage they cause to their victims. The best song for me on this album is “Your Worst Enemy”.

Overall this album is an excellent release with very good and tight song writing and production. There is no doubt this will be one of the best Thrash Metal releases in 2014.

Track listings

01. From My Cold Dead Hands
02. Your Worst Enemy
03. The Fear Within
04. Honor The Rise And Fall
05. Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious
06. Silence In The House Of The Lord
07. World Funeral
08. Dawn Of The New Centurion
09. Consolation For The Insane
10. Midnite Maniac (Bonus Krokus cover, Digipak edition)



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